UltraShape to Dissolve that Belly Fat!

Ultrashape Machine

Ultrashape Machine

Introducing Ultrashape, a painless way to dissolve the fat on your belly (and arms, love handles and saddlebags for that matter)!

What it is

The UltraShape is the latest stroke of genius from our friends at Syneron, the same folks that brought us the Velashape II and III.

The UltraShape is the fastest fat dissolving machine FDA-approved specifically for the removal of fat in the abdominal area. It uses pulsed focused ultrasound to target and dissolve unwanted pockets of fat which leaves your body through your lymphatic system (you pee it out).

Why it Works

How the UltraShape Destroys Fat

How the UltraShape Destroys Fat

Ultrasound energy hones in on a specific fat area, then delivers pulsed bursts triggering our body’s natural fat clearance process and sending the destroyed fat cells out through the same metabolic pathways that handle fat during regular weight loss.

Check out this microscopic image of fat cells before and immediately following an UltraShape treatment. Bye bye fat!

Fat Cells Before vs Immediately After Ultrashape

Fat Cells Before vs Immediately After Ultrashape

Clinical studies of over 850 patients show an average of 29% fat loss in the treated areas. That’s strong.

There are a couple features that make this machine pretty special. For one, it uses a real-time tracking system for 3D mapping of the body’s curvature to ensure uniform energy delivery so you don’t turn out lumpy and bumpy.

Secondly, it works in as little as two weeks making it faster than any other fat dissolving unit on the market.

How it Goes Down

The Ultrashape is said to be painless but we all have different thresholds of pain. The worst I’ve heard is it was a bit uncomfortable. It feels like a warm tingling and takes about 45 minutes.

For maximum results it is suggested that you get three treatments within a 6 week period and is sold in 3 treatment packages. The average cost of three treatments in the U.S. is about $2,100.

Results of UltraShape

before and after ultrashape

Before and After UltraShape (her back is arched in the before pic but still…)

You can expect to lose anywhere from 1.3 – 2.5 inches of fat in the treated areas with results starting to show up in two weeks.


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