Botox Prejuvenation: When Should You Start Botox?

 I won’t go as far as to say that it’s never too early to start using Botox but I will say that earlier is better than later. For some of us this amazing tidbit comes a little late, but for my younger readers these are happy days!

If your wondering when to start Botox treatment then this is the article for you. I started getting Botox at 26 thanks to Botox genius Dr. Frederic Brandt, but mostly people thought I was crazy.

The logic behind it is pretty sound actually. Botox paralyzes small muscles in your face that cause creases when you smile, frown or squint. This doesn’t mean you can’t do these things anymore but it softens the movement stopping those soon-to-be wrinkles in their tracks.

You don’t have to take my word for it really, but here is a study that may make you think twice. In it William J. Binder, MD took 38 year old identical twins.  One had been treated with Botox two or three times a year since she was 25 and the other had not. Can you tell which one’s which? Which twin has been using Botox? “A” or “B”?

Botox Twin Study

A Comparison of Identical Twins by William J. Binder, MD

When To Start Botox

When I say it’s never too early I don’t mean that it’s never too early. I mean use common sense, you aren’t going to inject it into toddlers and pre-teens or anything but I’m not against an 18 or 19 year old, noticing lines on her forehead nipping that right in the bud with a little Botox here and there. And here’s why.

Which twin has been using Botox? “A” or “B”?

2006 Twin Study - Not Using Botox vs Using Botox

2006 Twin Study – Not Using Botox vs Using Botox

The ideal time to start is the moment you notice a wrinkle or line that bothers you. Once it becomes permanent it will take a whole lot more to get rid of them. Dermal Fillers and laser skin rejuvenation have a longer down time, are more expensive, and definitely less black book let your beauty shine
P.S. Answers to previous questions are “A”, then “B” !

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