Wine Glasses, Size 16 and When, Oh When, Will Cellulite Be Pretty?

I was at a wine tasting the other night. Each wine was served with some sort of animal innard and it was the most horrifying gastronomical experience of my life. And don’t let me get started about the know-it-all anesthesiologist  at our communal table who thinks that stem cell research is a hoax. But that’s neither here nor there. What inspired me to write this article were the pretty curvy wine glasses.

I remember when wine glasses looked like little glass tulips on top of a long stem. Then they became small fish bowls on a thinner stem. Next Reidel decided ‘what’s in a stem?’ and then they were just oblong glasses with a bit of a curve.

Well, at this wine tasting, I was introduced to the latest variation of the wine glass and it was shaped a bit like Marilyn Monroe. And that’s how this random train of thought began.

I admit, I’ve gained a little weight since I started the development of this blog. Long hours in front of the computer, skipping 4 out of 5 exercise classes but still maintaining my regular diet, I’m a bit curvier than I was at the beginning of the year.

But as I was undressing that night my husband wouldn’t leave me alone. He say he loves the curves so much better!  And did you know that there’s a size 16 in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue this year? Ok, it was just an ad but still.

And what about the fact that there were like 10,000 butt implants in the U.S. in 2013 alone? Maybe curvy is in and thin is just, well, thin. Times change, tastes change.

I remember a line from Pulp Fiction when that annoying little french girl said something like ‘isn’t it strange that what is pleasing to the eyes is seldom the same as what is pleasing to the touch’ as Bruce Willis was stroking her ample hip.

The wine glass, my extra weight that seems to get some extra, erm, male attention, and a size 16 in Sports Illustrated, reminded me that perceptions are changing. So when will cellulite be pretty? When I asked this question just now sitting at the computer, my husband said ‘it looked pretty good this morning’.
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