Bags Be Gone! Erase Those Under Eye Bags With XAF5

Do you have undereye bags? If so, you’re gonna want to want to read this!

Aging is inevitable but current research has found that certain molecules in XAF5 can reverse one tell-tale sign of aging – UNDER EYE BAGS!

Puffy lower lids are cool when they come with a story like ‘we danced all night and watched the sun rise’, but when they’re puffy and tired looking for no good reason, well that just plain sucks.

This is why I’m excited to tell you about the latest research on XAF5, an ointment to erase those unsightly undereye bags!

Causes of Under Eye Bags


Some of the common causes of undereye bags are allergies, sinus infections, sleeping on your face, rubbing your eyes frequently, going to bed with makeup on and also high salt intake. I’m not talking about those.

I’m talking about the the under eye bags that come with age.

As we age we lose collagen. When this happens our skin becomes weak and loses elasticity and that delicate skin below our eyes is no exception.

The ligaments, muscles and tissue in the area also become so weak that the fat that is normally contained around the eyeball falls into pouches under your eyes.

Then, adding insult to injury, our under eye area collects fluid in the fatty pocket. FUN.

What is XAF5 (XOPH5)?

xaf5 for under eye bags

XAF5 (referred to as XOPH5-OINT-3 in some clinical studies) is a topical ointment that reduces the fat in the areas applied. It’s a fatty acid compound called prostaglandin which is currently used in glaucoma medication as well as in Latisse®.

It is the first topical product that has the potential of treating steatoblepharon (under eye bags), a condition that has no current non-invasive therapeutic options available to patients.

XAF5 was developed by Topokine Therapeutics, a privately held clinical-stage biotech company focusing on the development of topical medicines for the manipulation of fat.  As a testament to their acumen, Allergan bought them in 2016.

The goal is that XAF5 will not only be available to reduce under eye bags, but in coming years other areas like the fat under your chin and on the body as well. (10 tubes please!)

XAF5 is currently in Phase 2b / 3 clinical trials which means it is being given to large groups of people to further evaluate (double check) it’s safety and effectiveness. After a successful Phase 3, the product will then be sent for FDA approval in order to market it.

So, how does this bad-ass stuff work?

The Science of XAF5 (XOPH5)

XAF5 is a molecule that induces a G-protein coupled cascade in adipocytes to reduce the cellular lipid content and differentiation. What the hell?

In English:

The compound XAF5 attaches or binds a group of G-protein receptors (a protein molecule that receives chemical signals), to dissolve portions of fat cells, shrinking them as well as blocking the production of more fat cells in that area.

Much like other aesthetic treatments, XAF5 is an accidental product of science. It was discovered when patients suffering from glaucoma started experiencing a decrease in their under eye region when using the eye-pressure reducing drops.

Michael Singer and Murat Kalayoglu, who are both PhD’s and ophthalmologists, ran the research that resulted in the accidental discovery of XAF5 and development of Topokine Therapeutics. They were responsible for creating the cream from the same molecule present in the drops (and are my heroes).

The Benefits and Risks of XAF5


Well, the benefits are obvious, I mean bags or no bags? But every up has it’s down and XAF5’s downs cannot be ignored.


Everything in life has risks. Abuse, droopy upper eyelid, fibrosis, and Kybella syndrome are possible risks when using XAF5.

– Misuse

When the prostaglandin shrinks the fat cells it stands to reason that the under eye area would become more hollow. This can be bad, like exchanging bags for skeletal looking dark circles if applied too much. YIKES!

Make SURE that the bags under your eyes are fat and not temporary swelling and you will not have that problem.

An experiment carried out by ophthalmologists at Harvard Medical school department Of Ophthalmology, discovered that if XAF5 is administered daily over a period of five days, the fat in that area experiences reduction.

Some beauty fanatics may think more is better and extend the treatment time which can also cause under eye circles or hollows.

Finally, chicas (and chicos) with BDD may not notice the subtle change under the eye and will overuse the product as well.

– Droopy Upper Lid

If the XAF5 ointment gets on the upper lids you can end up with a droopy eye.

– Fibrosis (scars)

Kenneth D. Steinsapair, MD believes that prostaglandins carry a risk of causing fibrosis (small nodules) in the eyelid tissues.  I have not found any research agreeing with his opinion but since I came across it I wanted to mention it.

If this does happen it can be treated with small injections of sterioids.

– Kybella Syndrome

When I got Kybella to shrink the fat under my chin, I ended up with saggy old lady chin instead. I’m thinking that if your skin doesn’t have enough elasticity to snap back once the fat is removed, couldn’t the same thing happen with XAF5 wherever it’s applied?

(The good news is dermal fillers can fill any deficit that may occur.)

When will XAF5 be available?

XAF5 is still in the late-stage trials and, if all goes well, is expected to be marketing in the U.S. in 2019. I will let you know when it is!

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